A Wedding Day Full of Latino Tradition at The Fillmore‭ ‬on Central‭

Real Wedding
Lupe and Rafael’s romantic, floral-filled celebration in Fillmore‭.
Written by
Teya Heidenreich


Spring/Summer 2023

Lupe Martinez and Rafael Gonzalez’s relationship followed an unusual path‭: ‬Rafael drove Lupe home once in high school‭, ‬but they didn’t see each other again until a family gathering 14‭ ‬years later‭. ‬They went to church on their first date‭, ‬which was followed by a‭ ‬romantic gondola ride with flowers and wine‭. ‬When it came time to wed‭, ‬it was love at first sight when they toured The Fillmore‭ ‬on Central‭. ‬They created a romantic and abundantly floral wedding that honored their Latino heritage‭. ‬Lupe walked down the aisle to‭ ‬“Helium”‭ ‬by Sia‭, ‬performed on harp and cello by Strange Interlude‭.  ‬With the couple’s three daughters standing beside them and their dogs serving as ring bearers‭, ‬the ceremony was extra special for them‭. ‬Their abuelitas‭ (‬grandmothers‭) ‬placed a lasso made of hydrangeas over them‭. ‬Usually‭, ‬the tradition is carried out by a married couple‭, ‬but these two women have played significant roles in Lupe’s and Rafael’s lives‭. ‬The major theme of the wedding was flowers—not surprising since Lupe grows flowers—and most of the florals were planted and harvested specifically for the wedding‭. ‬This included roses‭, ‬snapdragons‭, ‬hanging amaranthus and ranunculus‭. ‬With their Latino backgrounds‭, ‬the couple wanted music to be an important part of the night‭. ‬The couple made a memorable entrance to the reception‭, ‬arriving to the beat of a banda‭, ‬and the guests subsequently danced the night away‭. ‬So‭ ‬much fun was had that even a couple of tables and flower arrangements were knocked over during the garter toss‭, ‬a moment to remember from a perfect day‭. ‬



City State:

Filmore, CA


Los Angeles, CA





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