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Wedding Inspiration From Glam to Garden Chic

We'll admit it, there's nothing we love more than beautiful, sumptuous linens. And once again, the trendsetting Southern California-based Luxe Linen got our hearts aflutter with their newest collection, a mix of vibrant patterns that range from boho to glam to subtle neutrals and vibrant patterns. Editor Lara Burnap and Publisher Thea Hargrove caught up with the three design teams who created tablescapes to showcase Luxe Linen's latest linens.

MARIE ANTOINETTE by Felici Events and Coco Rose Design (featuring Vogue Sherbert Linen and Rose Quartz Va Va Voom Napkins)

Why did you choose this linen--the Vogue Sherbert? I love it because of the texture and rainbow hues.

How did you build up from there? From there, we went to Otis and Pearl for our rentals. They’re amazing. And Nina Kincaid from Coco Rose Designs did our florals. At that point, I had a swatch of the linen we knew we were going to use. We talked about it having a “Marie Antoinette” theme because there are always blues in those designs and we got the chairs from Revelry to match.

Is there a particular detail you love the most? I do love the strawberries. It’s different.

Can you describe the flowers? The merlot carnation in the high bunch, which is actually a new carnation, and french tulips in the small tabletop vase.


Vendor Team: Linen: Luxe Linen | Concept/Design: Felici Events | Floral Design: Coco Rose

Design / Florabundance | Rentals: Otis and Pearl / Revelry Event Design / A Rental Connection |

Photography: Michelle Lacson Photography | Venue: Sherwood Country Club | PR: Rayce PR


CHATEAU DE NOIR designed by Hilary Hamer Events & Commerce Flowers (featuring Palace Sari Elephant table linen and Silver Dupionique napkins)

What was the inspiration behind this
gorgeous garden party you have created?

I simply fell in love with linen. I found it so different than anything I have ever done before. I usually
do things with lavenders and pinks, so I just thought it was so different and unique and had that
Indian-inspired feeling but also that French-garden feel. When I saw it, I thought we could do
something really unique and different and make it a cross between. It’s called Palace Sari, hence the
French Chateau feel.

I like how you went outside of the box and outside your comfort zone. The textures are fascinating.
It’s not your average garden party-you’ve created a setting that is very usable. If you showed the
linen before I saw it here today, I wouldn’t have imagined this would be what you would create.

It’s interesting you say that because I only saw a picture to start and then I got a sample from Dahlia. I
started to think about the table design, and didn’t know the texture of the linen was what it was until
I got it. Then I thought, this is a kind of fun juxtaposition to what you would expect from it. I wanted
to keep it usable where people could actually sit down. I didn’t want to make it so fantastical that it
was something you wouldn’t want to use.

The pewter goblets create the perfect contrast to the linen.
I wanted to do a little medieval counterpart, and I thought it would be pretty to bring in those and pull
the grey out in a different way. To mix it with such a different wine glass is very unexpected.

Did you think about who would be seated at this table?
I didn’t. I wanted it to be neutral and not so overtop. It’s funny you ask this, because when I gave the
place card names, it’s all the people I look for. I had a great time designing this table and putting
myself out there.


Vendors: Host/Linen: Luxe Linen | Concept/Design: Hilary Hamer Events & Commerce Flowers | Rentals: Revelry Event Design and Classic Party Rentals| Chinaware: Dish Wish Events | Stationery: Black Ink | Photography: Krista Mason Photography and Weintraub Photography | Venue: Bel-Air Bay Club | PR: Rayce PR


ROOFTOP SUNSET IN ZANZIBAR designed by Nira Luna of Amber Events an& Fiore Designs (featuring Vogue Antique Gold table linens and Dupionique Fuschia napkins)

What was your inspiration behind this? Honestly, I just wanted to enhance my most recent trip. I went to Zanzibar for a month in December. I
was really invigorated by it and I found so many parts of the country beautiful. Some of the things on
the table are actually from Zanzibar so that’s why we called it “Rooftop Sunset in Zanzibar.” It has a lot
of earthy elements. Zanzibar has African elements, beachy elements, with a touch of that Moroccan

Did you gravitate to your linen choice or was it a tough choice?
We just wanted to keep it understated because we wanted to enhance it with the all of the other
vendors that I was excited to bring on board. A mutual palette let us enhance other areas.

Did you think about the guest at the table and have a vision of that guest?
I feel like the whole thing is more feeling based. I don’t want people to start looking at it and say “I
could see where they got this” or “This costs this much.” I didn’t want it to be like a competition in the
sense of design. I wanted people to feel at home and comfortable. I wanted it to feel like they are
relaxed and enjoying the moment. That’s the feeling I got working with all the vendors.

The exterior of your space is so beautifully layered and styled and textured. You brought a lot of
patterns. Tell me about that.
We wanted to have a clean experience but not too overpowering.
We wanted balance, but still
wanted the playful element and the cultural feeling of Zanzibar. So we brought that into the overall
vignette. Again, it’s a feeling that you’re entering a world and this is the entrance into that.


Vendors: Host/Linen: Luxe Linen | Concept/Design: Amber Events and Fiore Designs | Rentals: Line 204
/ Revelry Event Design / A Rental Connection | Chinaware: Dish Wish Girl | Stationery: Prim and
| Photography: Krista Mason Photography and Weintraub Photography | Venue: Bel-Air Bay
| PR: Rayce PR

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