Baseball Player DJ Peters' Intimate New Year's Eve Wedding

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DJ and Shea's wedding featured personalized touches from their family and friends
Written by
Jordan Holman

Former Los Angeles Dodgers player (and Current Texas Rangers player) DJ Peters and his wife Shea Peters were thrown several curveballs while planning the wedding of their dreams. But their resilience and creativity helped them cultivate the most magical celebration. DJ and Shea met in high school but didn’t begin their relationship until a chance reunion in Arizona brought them together. The two reconnected and decided to go on a date. As Shea puts it, “Little did we know it would be the start to our forever.” DJ’s baseball career took the couple on a whirlwind journey, as they traveled the country, adapted to ever-changing plans, and persevered through challenges. Their flexibility later prepared them for one of the biggest obstacles yet: planning a wedding during a pandemic. 

Their original venue canceled on them and the couple was forced to imagine a completely new scenario. Shea’s aunt and uncle offered up their home for the pair to tie the knot. With a dramatic mountainside backdrop, the couple said, “I do,” committing to a beautiful life shared together. DJ and Shea’s elegant and romantic wedding was dripping with timeless and meaningful details. Although DJ and Shea had to cut their list short and take many COVID precautions, they in turn were able to center the wedding around the theme of togetherness. Shea’s aunt’s home provided the perfect foundation for a wedding based on the importance of family, especially during a time that otherwise felt isolating. 

DJ’s aunt hand made all of their acrylic signage. Their ring bearer pillow and garter were made out of Shea’s mom’s and aunts’ old wedding dresses. Shea also donned a pearl necklace, which her grandmother created for her throughout her life. Her late grandfather had a special cross that he designed and was given to every member of the family. On the morning of the wedding, DJ was gifted one of those special crosses. “My grandfather had a seat reserved at our wedding, and we just know that he was there with us,” she said. 

DJ and Shea are the epitome of optimism, of looking for the silver lining despite unforeseen circumstances. They turned their wedding day into a true celebration of ancestry, weaving together the fabric of their families’ lives. On December 31, 2020, as the couple danced to “Yours” by Rick Dickerson, they welcomed the new year (and their own new adventure) with a glimmer of hope and an overflow of love. 


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