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Black Tie Celebration at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel

Jilli & Jake retied the knot in elegant fashion at their modern wedding in‭ ‬Santa Monica‭.
Sara Hubbard

After eloping in November 2020‭, ‬Jilli Davine‭ ‬and Jake Moss retied the knot in style a year later among their family and friends at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel‭ & ‬Bungalows in‭ ‬Santa Monica‭. ‬The couple worked with planner Kristin Banta Events to curate a look featuring modern‭, ‬clean lines in a palette of‭ ‬ebony‭, ‬charcoal‭, ‬oatmeal and crisp white‭, ‬creating a sleek yet textural atmosphere‭. ‬A string trio performed The Beatles’‭ ‬“Here Comes the Sun”‭ ‬as Jilli made her way down the aisle in a strapless Monique Lhuillier gown featuring a high leg slit and floor-length cape‭. ‬Jake stood waiting at the linen-draped chuppah‭, ‬which was canopied by the Fairmont’s signature 140-year-old Moreton Bay fig tree‭. ‬Once rings had been exchanged and the glass broken by Jilli‭, ‬the couple made their way up the aisle shaking white maracas and danced their way into the poolside cocktail hour‭. ‬For the reception‭, ‬the hotel’s ballroom was transformed into a residentially inspired environment‭. ‬Olive trees brought an alfresco touch to the muted gray setting‭, ‬which was anchored in rich‭, ‬dark tones‭. ‬The posh‭, ‬moody color scheme extended to a sleek three-tier cake with olive leaf‭ ‬detailing‭, ‬tying into the verdant accents sprinkled throughout the reception design‭. ‬As the night came to a close‭, ‬Jilli slipped‭ ‬into a clingy silk slip and jeweled flapper-style headpiece to celebrate and dance the night away‭. 


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