Black & White Inspired Los Angeles Country Club Wedding

Real Wedding
Laura & Azzedine hosted an elegant, contemporary wedding to fit the atmosphere of their music focused wedding.
Written by
Emily Sweet


California Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2022

Laura and Azzedine Finley were wed in a sophisticated‭, ‬modern event at the elegant Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles‭. ‬The day was inspired by classic black-and-white photography‭, ‬and details throughout the event followed that motif‭, ‬such as the modern‭ ‬black-and-white signage and the sleek bar menu‭. ‬The groom’s brother‭, ‬an artist‭, ‬helped design the invitation suite and gave input on décor choices on the day‭. ‬Contemporary black circular‭ ‬menus were a unique feature in the tabletop design‭, ‬creating a bold contrast to the plethora of dazzling candles‭. ‬The florals were timeless‭: ‬long-stemmed white roses‭, ‬baby’s breath‭, ‬tulips‭, ‬anthurium and yucca in classic white‭. ‬A highlight of the event was the 10-piece band‭, ‬including a three-piece‭ ‬horn section‭, ‬which kept guests on their feet throughout the night‭. ‬Music selection was key for this couple‭, ‬who opted for a mix‭ ‬of dance classics‭, ‬soul‭, ‬funk and contemporary electronic‭. ‬The first dance took place to‭ ‬“So Into You”‭ ‬by Childish Gambino‭, ‬a cover of a‭ ‬’90s rhythm and blues song‭. ‬Not only was it a personal favorite of the couple‭, ‬but it also reminded them of the beginning of their relationship‭. ‬Coincidentally‭, ‬Laura and Azzedine both gave each other gifts from David Yurman‭: ‬Azzedine presented Laura with a‭ ‬silver cable bracelet with gold and diamond accents‭, ‬and Laura gave Azzedine silver and black-diamond-encrusted cuff links with‭ ‬the wedding date engraved on them‭. ‬In a special touch‭, ‬Laura had nine diamonds placed in each cuff link‭, ‬to add up to 18‭, ‬the date of their wedding‭. ‬


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Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA







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