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Coming Together For Love

A note from our Publisher, Thea Hargrove
Thea Hargrove

It's Official: Weddings Are Back! As we reflect with 20/20 hindsight on the past year and a half, when the tide was receding from the wedding industry as a result of pandemic restrictions, no one was quite sure what our couples or the wedding industry could anticipate or endure. Our biggest fear was the possibility that we would never host another wedding or social gathering like we had in the past. Nothing was certain in this uncharted landscape, but our instinct told us to anticipate a sea of weddings and social events once the storm had passed. And much like a wave returning to the shore, a force incomprehensible in its graceful power, we enter these new waters unified by a shared enthusiasm and a sense of purpose to celebrate.

We are living history as we speak, and in doing so, we are writing a new dialogue that future generations will inherit. While we may see new methods created in this past year carried into the future, such as how to safely host a wedding, one constant will remain: the importance of a wedding. The marriage ceremony has always been a significant moment in one’s life, to bring family and friends together to honor and witness the unity of love. Now, having gone through a pandemic, our appreciation of coming together for love, in honor of love and to celebrate love has more meaning than ever before.

As you begin to plan your dream day, the wedding community has changed; some companies may no longer be in business, and new companies have emerged. Here’s a tip for our beautiful couples to minimize any surprises when planning the big day: Turn to our California Wedding Day members to guide you. All of these businesses have weathered the storm, reinventing and reeducating their companies in order to stand strong so they could be here for you as weddings return.

Here’s to having made it to the other side. Here’s to us all coming together in celebration of what matters most—love!

Thea Hargrove

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