Why 2020 is One of the Most Exciting Years Yet to Plan a Wedding

A note from our publisher, Thea Hargrove.


Spring/Summer 2020

When I began my position as publisher of California Wedding Day nearly eighteen years ago, I had no vision this far in the future so WOW, it is hard to believe the year 2020 is here … that this futuristic year is finally here! When I first planted the seed for the magazine, the world wide web was new, we were all carrying around flip phones, there was no such thing as social media, and so I had no idea how it would all turn out, but to quote Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco… I had “high, high hopes!”

With the kick off for this momentous year of 2020, it couldn’t be better timing for us to a return to our original look with a classic matte finish front cover for our something old and for our something new, we look forward to a big year for new wedding trends and an abundance of weddings with so many great dates that land on a Saturday like 2-22-2020, 4-4-2020, 6-6-2020, 8-8-2020 10-10-2020, and 12-12-2020.

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited as each year I plan the Best Of event and have the opportunity to see the emerging trends first-hand, and I know Best Of 2020 is going to be big! We kick off voting for Best Of on January 6 with the announcement of the top finalists in March and the reveal of the trendsetters this coming May at our annual gala. We are inspired daily by our community of wedding professionals and to be able to honor those who work tirelessly to make dreams come true, it is a humbling privilege for California Wedding Day to shine the light on this level of devotion from our community. We host, co-host and sponsor numerous events each year beyond our annual Best Of so not only do we know the talent of our wedding professionals through collaborating on photo shoots and featuring their weddings within our pages and online, but for something borrowed, we borrow upon their talent and witness first-hand what it takes for these event to come to life. For each event, it is an accumulation of over 1,000 hours behind the creation of an event!

And for my something blue, 2020 is bound to be one of the biggest wedding years and so I wish upon our happy couples, an abundance of blue skies! Happy reading!

Thea Hargrove
[email protected]