Inspiration Is...

Written by
Megan McCarty Lara Burnap


Fall Winter 2012

WHENEVER I MEET BRIDES-TO-BE, THEY almost always ask me the same question: What can I do to make my wedding different? Finding unique décor is as difficult a task as it is for Hollywood to come up with a new, never-seen-before movie plot— sometimes it feels like everything has been done. (Um, really, another Spider-Man?) So what do I tell brides who are searching high and low for a truly creative concept? Skip the Mason jars and stamp the day with something that is uniquely you. Take a look at the amazing and creative ideas in this issue of California Wedding Day: a graphic design duo who lets their vision loose with modern graphics and pops of bold yellows (p. 36), a snow-globe-collecting couple (p. 112) who let their travels take their guests on a journey, and another two- some who based the day on their love for literature (p. 110). Inspiration doesn’t need to be some crazy over-the-top concept; it’s as simple as defining who you are as a couple: Do you love sharing wine, listening to music or playing a game of Scrabble? These moments are the foundation from which you build.

While working on this issue I was struck by how the talented event designers took something common, like a doorknob or wine rack, and transformed it into a striking table feature (p. 90). Even a tequila-spiked drink became an ode to love in our story on artisanal cocktails (p. 94), while the color red got a modern and moody update by finding a partner in gray (p. 30). And of course, let’s not forget the amazing, to-die-for fashion in this issue, from the rooftops of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to the woodsy backdrop of Topanga Canyon, sheaths of sequin and wispy layers of chiffon are sure to leave you more than inspired to find the perfect dress. Dream on, my lovely brides, your big day awaits.


Lara Morgenson Burnap