Spring Summer 2013: Note From the Editor

Written by
Megan McCarty Lara Burnap


Spring/Summer 2013

It takes a village. There are few things in modern life to which this statement actually applies. But when it comes to planning a wedding, brides-to-be quickly discover that the recipe for success is an army of talented professionals with a posse of understanding friends. One gets so wrapped up in finding the perfect dress, the best florist and beautiful invitations that it’s easy to forget what the day is truly about: love.

This issue is an ode to romance, from the breezy “Summer Rose,”(page 60) shot by the talented Giuliano Bekor and brimming with dreamy dresses, to real weddings (page 104) filled with warm fuzzy stories of childhood sweethearts, love at first sight and even a monkey (a what?). And let’s not forget the bouquets; something as simple as a black-and-white photo of great-grandparents (mine are on page 88) can become a sentimental inspiration for an arrangement. Intricate details like these make a wedding special and uniquely personal.

Of course, the key to making an intangible emotion—such as love—a reality are talented vendors. This issue is brimming with creative individuals who poured so much passion into their projects. Our fashion feature “A Color Story” (page 70) had an amazing team—from the talented eye of photographer Stephanie Williams to the constructive mind of designer Jesi Haack—that took our vision to another level with dreamy settings and a few winged friends. An absolute ode to love, Kristin Banta’s theatrical wedding on page 32 took inspiration from the pages of Homer, Dante and Tolkien—who would have thought that such tales would translate into something so rich with detail and emotion? So, wherever your vision takes you, remember to surround yourself with people who will fill your day with love and romance.

Dream on, my lovely brides.


Lara Morgenson Burnap