Indulge in Well-Earned Self Care at Spa La Quinta

La Quinta Resort & Club hosts the Spa La Quinta, which offers a range of services and CBD products for maximum relaxation.
Written by
Lara Burnap


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2024

Planning a wedding leads to loads of stress and an increase in workouts. Find relief and knead out the kinks at Spa La Quinta at La Quinta Resort & Club. The spa specializes in restorative treatments, such as the newly added Fascial Stretch Therapy, a one-on-one session that eases the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, nerves and internal organs through undulated movements and controlled breath. Those in need of less intensity and more relaxation can opt for the pain-reducing Restorative CBD + Cryo Massage, which targets inflammation and tight muscles through cryotherapy and a massage with full-spectrum CBD lotion. Even more calming is the Ignite Balance CBD Candle Massage, which combines calming properties of warm candle wax with the tension relief of CBD.

Photos courtesy of La Quinta. 


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