Trendy Disco Wedding at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club Features Moody Details

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Braxton and Quintin's Palm Springs nuptials melded a plethora of unique trends with a gorgeous and unique design.
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Emily Sweet

Braxton and Quintin orchestrated a breathtaking fusion of contemporary wedding trends amid the serene expanse of the desert for their lively celebration at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. Their union epitomized modern elegance as they seamlessly incorporated a variety of elements into the day's design. The classic contrast of black and white, the soft boho influence of fluffy pampas grass and the captivating allure of dramatic orchids and anthuriums worked to create a distinguished wedding day, topped off with the whimsical sparkle of disco balls. Both our grooms looked dapper in their respective suits, and desert portraits captured their cohesion together amid sprawling landscapes and palm trees. A highlight of the design was a welcome sign that read "I love you and I like you" with the wedding date, actualized on a platform reminiscent of a vintage theater sign. Hints of disco and other retro elements were a motif of the day that added a pop of fun to match traditional design elements. The reception built a design around moody hues of black and mauve accented with gold, and the ceremony altar was repurposed to create a dramatic sweetheart table for our newlyweds. Braxton's adoration for floral aesthetics actually transcended the event itself, as he was so enamored by the blooms that adorned their special day that he decided to immortalize them through tattoos after the wedding day. 

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