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Intimate Micro-Wedding in San Clemente, California

Katherine & Nicholas had an intimate affair where each attendant played a part in their big day and payed homage to their ancestors and culture.
Emily Sweet

Katherine Liu and Nicholas Schiavi wed in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family in attendance‭. ‬Like many other couples‭, ‬Katherine and Nicholas decided to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic‭. ‬Making the most of the extra planning time‭, ‬the couple took the opportunity to collect table decorations and handmade items‭, ‬such as guest books and programs‭, ‬that would‭ ‬make their event meaningful‭. ‬With an original guest list of more than 80‭ ‬now cut down to 12‭, ‬nearly everyone in attendance participated in some aspect of the wedding‭. ‬From Nicholas’‭ ‬brother serving as DJ to Katherine’s young nephews playing the role of ring bearers‭, ‬the entire day brought guests into the wedding activities‭. ‬The couple intentionally planned to hold their big day outside‭, ‬with a leisurely pace in mind‭, ‬allowing guests a chance to mingle‭, ‬explore the property and eat whenever they felt inclined‭. ‬Florals were kept to a minimum to emphasize the immense beauty of Casa Romantica‭. ‬Gold was a theme of the wedding‭, ‬found in rings‭, ‬votives‭, ‬the cake stand and bridal accessories‭. ‬In a unique touch‭, ‬Katherine created anniversary books for her guests‭, ‬a booklet in which they could write messages to the couple to rediscover on their future anniversaries‭. ‬In a nod to her heritage‭, ‬Katherine’s mother also arranged all the decorative items on the tables into sets of 10‭, ‬a lucky number in Chinese culture‭. ‬In a sweet moment that paid tribute to Nicholas’‭ ‬grandparents‭, ‬he and Katherine re-created a photo of the grandparents on their own wedding day‭, ‬sitting in a car at the golden‭ ‬hour‭. ‬For Katherine and Nicholas‭, ‬being able to spend time with all their loved ones was a highlight of the event‭, ‬and the creative couple kept the wedding’s relaxed air by ending the evening with quality time spent over coffee and cake‭. ‬

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