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Let Your Personality Shine: 5 Colorful Engagement Rings

I attended a woodsy-themed wedding this past weekend. The groom: my brother’s best friend, the bride: adorable. Sloughing the many expected moments of a wedding (no wedding party, no toasts, no feeding one another cake, no first dance), these non-traditional newlyweds aimed the focus of their day at a delicious meal and simple bonfire spent with those who mean the most. Her dress? White. Her ring? Pearls, not diamonds.


(Mociun, $3,454)

In a world filled with variations of the same, brides and grooms today are constantly on the lookout for special items and ideas that make their own wedding, nay relationship, unique. While I adore the classic diamond (yes, please), I am currently in love with engagement rings that lend themselves to out-of-the-box thinking.

cognac sapphire

(Joseph Jewelry, price varies)

(NaturalJewellery, $431.76)

We’ve heard that a diamond lasts forever, but what else can be said with stones? Colorful jewels and gems represent different virtues and expressions. For instance, a topaz of varying color (see above for my favorite, a salmon-colored topaz) may represent elegance or symbolize friendship, a ruby signifies eternal love, and a pearl denotes innocence. Perhaps you are the colorful type, an adventure seeker. A deep green emerald may allude to your love for the outdoors. Ultra-feminine? A bubblegum pink sapphire may strike the right note. Your engagement ring should visually tell of your style, why not let it say something unique?

1930 Sapphire

(Turgeon Raine, price varies)

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