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Modern Traditions at Ojai Valley Inn

Tracey and Lanny made changes to Jewish traditions that fit their love story.
Ericka Franklin
Tracey and Lanny wedding at Ojai Valley Inn

Wedding Date: May 26, 2019

Tracey Freed has always known that if she were to marry, the partnership would be an egalitarian one, she had some revisions in mind for her Jewish ceremony with Lanny Rudner. Instead of the bride circling the groom seven times to symbolize a good life, both Tracey and Lanny circled each other three times; and for the final seventh round, the two did so with a simultaneous do-si-do. When it came to the famous smashing of the wedding glass, signaling to commence the party, Tracey also took part and cheerfully remembered, “It always looked really fun to step on the glass!” And of course, the bride kept her last name to solidify her individuality in love. The modern nuptials didn’t end with the bride and groom, but also extended to the wedding party, which was a mix of genders and whose members were instructed to wear whatever they felt good in. They walked down as a group of three women, two men, and even mixed couples. The couple decided to forgo the formality of a sit-down dinner in favor of food stations, treating guests to several options, such as ramen and tacos al pastor, and there was even a fish carving station.

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