Multicultural Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

Real Wedding
Sarah & Shawn's fall fete was steeped in tradition at The Gardens at Redbird in Los Angeles‭.
Written by
Teya Heidenreich


California Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2022

Sarah Dada and Shawn Harris’‭ ‬fall fete was steeped in tradition‭, ‬drawing on Sarah’s South Asian heritage and uniting it with Shawn’s hometown of Los Angeles‭. ‬Vibrant‭, ‬rich colors of deep red and gold filled The Garden at Redbird‭, ‬and colorful organic florals‭ ‬ebulliently reflected the wedding’s theme of joy‭. ‬A baraat‭, ‬a traditional Indian wedding procession involving the groom‭, ‬kicked off the festivities‭. ‬In a humorous‭ ‬take on this custom in which the groom rides in on a horse‭, ‬Shawn arrived on a stick horse crafted by his godmother‭, ‬a 6-foot version of a childhood hobbyhorse‭. ‬Two brothers played dhols‭, ‬a type of double-sided drum‭, ‬and the Hindu priest from Sarah’s childhood married the couple‭. ‬The vow ceremony was officiated by Brian Sonia-Wallace‭, ‬Shawn’s childhood friend and the poet laureate of West Hollywood‭. ‬Sarah and Shawn both wore traditional South Asian attire—as did most of the guests‭. ‬Sarah wore a red and gold lehenga and accessories made by artisans in India‭; ‬and Shawn‭, ‬a gold and red velvet sherwani‭. ‬The day incorporated Shawn’s love of music‭ (‬he’s been a musician since age 10‭) ‬and Sarah’s infectious love of food‭, ‬which the culinary team at Redbird aced‭. 


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Los Angeles, CA





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