Pretty Iconic at Rosewood Miramar Beach, a Santa Barbara Jewel

Fashion Shoot
This classic venue is the perfect backdrop for three hair and makeup experts to create four favorite bridal styles.
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Lara M. Burnap


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

From left: “Sophie” by Lee Petra Grebenau ($10,580), Kim Kassas’ “Sirena” ($7,200) with Costolo sapphire ring (price upon request at costolo.comand “Christina” blazer by Verdin Bridal ($3,290) with “Ventana” drop earrings by Untamed Petals ($84). 

Nothing redefines classic like Rosewood Miramar Beach, a Santa Barbara jewel. With the resort’s location in the exclusive Montecito enclave and its views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it’s easy to see why it is one of the finest resorts for tying the knot. Thus, the oceanside property, with its decidedly Hamptons flair, provided the perfect backdrop for hair and makeup experts Love Laura Rocha, KG Beauty and NV Glam Studio to work their magic to create four favorite bridal styles: glam, retro, sun-kissed and elegant.


“The best beauty shots emote a sense‭ ‬of both serenity and elegance‭. ‬That soft‭, ‬relaxed not-a-care-in-the-world feeling‭ ‬beaming through you‭.‬”‭ ‬ —Chris Evans, Chris J. Evans Photography

Rosewood Miramar Beach’s grand staircase sets the scene for this fashion-forward look by KG Beauty. Hair swept into a loose chignon, with a smoky eye in bronze hues, complement the “Maddie” gown by Woná Concept ($3,780) with Untamed Petals’ “Kelsey” earrings ($174). Model: Arianna Barron with Wilhelmina


“Bonding with our brides is an important part of the process‭, ‬understanding the vision and collaborating‭. ‬The beauty aspect is intimate and so important in the‭ ‬ creation of the main attraction‭: ‬the bride‭.‬” —Laura Rocha, Love Laura Rocha

Eva Lendel’s‭ ‬“Allie”‭ ‬jumpsuit‭ ‬ ($‬2,940‭) ‬and Untamed Petals’‭ ‬ “Serenade”‭ ‬earrings‭ ($‬54‭) ‬bring a retro vibe alongside Rosewood’s yellow‭ ‬“Jolly”‭ ‬vehicle‭. ‬Love Laura Rocha‭ ‬modernizes a‭ ‬’60s hairstyle with soft fringe bangs that frame the face and a‭ ‬’60s-inspired updo‭. ‬KG Beauty‭ ‬adds a slight wing‭ ‬to the eye and bright pink lipstick‭.  ‬Bouquet by‭ ‬Lilla Bello.Model‭: ‬Riley Rasmussen‭ ‬with Wilhelmina



“Brides can find the perfect look‭ ‬when they stay true to themselves and‭ ‬find an artist they trust 100%‭ ‬to‭ ‬guide them through the process‭.‬”‭ ‬—Nikole Vega, NV Glam

“Kayla”‭ ‬by Netta Ben Shabu‭ ($‬6,840‭) ‬brings the sparkle to this natural‭, ‬sun-kissed look perfected by‭ ‬NV Glam‭. ‬Loose‭, ‬beachy waves are accented with a braid while the makeup is light and dewy with the perfect hint of bronzes and peaches‭.‬ Model‭: ‬Baskin McFarland with Wilhelmina 


“Elevating the chignon with a deep side part takes a basic bun to modern elegance and gives balance with a veil‭.‬”‭ ‬ —Laura Rocha, Love Laura Rocha

Rosewood Miramar Beach’s‭ ‬great lawn sets the stage for this‭ ‬timeless look featuring‭ ‬“Odri”‭ ‬by Woná Concept‭ ($‬3,750‭) ‬with‭ ‬Maria Elena’s‭ ‬“Sadie”‭ ‬sapphire‭ ‬earrings‭ ($‬350‭), Costolo sapphire ring (price upon request at‬and the classic‭ ‬“Vera”‭ ‬veil by Toni Federici‭ ($‬225‭). ‬Hairstylist‭ ‬Love Laura Rocha‭ ‬conveys elegance with a deep side‭ ‬part and a sleek bun to let the‭ ‬refined makeup shine‭. ‬Model‭: ‬Riley Rasmussen‭ ‬with Wilhelmina



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