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Pretty In Pink Wedding at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Alex and Graham complemented the classic vibe of the venue with bright peonies.
Mackenzie Sylvester
Alex and Graham at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Wedding Date: April 6, 2019

Alex Hodges and Graham Bennett met at a friend’s wedding and eventually they became engaged at that same wedding location. Opting for a classic wedding theme with pops of color, the couple fell in love with The Beverly Hills Hotel’s classy, unique personality. The couple went with a nontraditional color scheme, keeping most details black and white to spotlight the vibrant peonies displayed. Bridesmaids wore gowns of either solid or polka dot and carried white bouquets with black bows. Guests wore black-tie attire and danced on a glossy black-and-white checkered dance floor. Bright pink peonies flooded the reception, complementing the soft velvet pink of the invitations. Acrylic installations modernized the classic setting and further highlighted the striking blush florals. Alex’s family members always embrace in a giant group hug every time one of them leaves or travels, but Graham had never participated in this tradition before. At the end of the night, as an official member of the family, Graham finally joined the group hug for the first time.


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