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Salt & Stone - a Breathtaking Bridal Shoot at Montage Kapalua Bay

An ethereal bride inspired by the beauty of this beachside retreat.
Katie Ringhand
Chris J Evans Salt and Stone Bridal Shoot

As the pristine water crashes onto the salt-crusted lava rocks, this stunning bride showcases three dazzling gowns by Claire Pettibone. A sweet, salty breeze flutters effortlessly through the beautiful serenity of Montage Kapalua Bay. Stone accents perfectly complement the light and airy feel of this resort. The delicate pastels in the décor and tablescape match the elegance and beauty of this beachside getwaway. Beyond the reef, playful pods of humpback whales breech the surface on their yearly migration. The sun sets along the horizon, creating an ethereal glow and state of bliss to complete this bridal shoot.

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