Spring Trends to Set Your Wedding Apart

Expert planners, designers, and florists give insight into this season's hottest wedding trends in California
Written by
Emily Sweet

The past year has been a whirlwind of uncertainties and unexpected changes, especially for the wedding industry. Planning a wedding in normal times is always a daunting task - and in a global pandemic, it’s sure to be even crazier. But weddings have found new ways to adapt, allowing the timeless celebration of love to prevail. Whether it is color palettes, floral arrangements, or guest lists, this season’s expert wedding planners, designers, and florists have weighed in on the hottest spring trends to make your wedding a showstopper. From neutral tones to intimate gatherings, these ideas are sure to spark inspiration and set your wedding apart from the crowd.

Mixing and Matching Colors: From Timeless Classics to Dynamic Combinations 

From bright shades to grounded neutral tones, there’s room for the entire color wheel in this spring’s trends. For principal planner and creative director of the Blushing Details, Carol Bahn Keiner, this season’s hottest events will utilize the color yellow, a natural complement to many natural shades and classic colors. “In 2021, I feel the yellow Pantone color will certainly be a huge hit for weddings and parties this year. It's fun, it's flirty, it's cheerful, it shines and it embodies somewhat of a neutral color palette that truly complements with almost any color and shade,” Bahn Keiner said. 

Whether you are thinking of exploring bold colors of softer shades, this spring there is always room to get back to the basics. Black and white are timeless and trendy this season, and owner of Leta Verbena, Emma Seitz, sticking to the classics leaves ample room to explore eye-catching accents and decor. Seitz said, “Black and white is hotter than ever, and is the perfect spring board for nearly any accent color or style. You can stick with the classic colors like blush, champagne, or burgundy, or go for something a bit unexpected like rich red, deep purple, or even blue. For flowers, it's hard to beat black and white anemones, which can be paired with anything from garden roses to pampas grass. But don't be afraid to introduce a dyed or painted element like black fan palms, bleached white ruscus, or babies breath in any color of the rainbow.” And for Seitz, there’s no better way to solidify your color palette than to meld your signature colors into custom craft cocktails for guests to enjoy. 

Embracing Intimacy and Adventure  

Adapting to smaller gatherings and embracing a more intimate feel at events has been a key element of the last year that is here to stay this spring. For CEO and Event Visionary of Bella Vita Events, Deborah James, this season is all about embracing a laid-back attitude for maximum enjoyment of your wedding. “Since we’ve all been cooped up, now that we can get out, we want to see and spend more time with those we love. Extended small gatherings set over longer periods of time, more than just the 8-10 hour wedding day. Intimate weddings are just that, and couples are looking for ways to impress and spoil their smaller guests lists… longer!” 

Another hot trend this spring is all about getting connected to your adventurous side. Wedding Planner and Designer as well as Co-Owner of Flawless Weddings and Events, Tracy Bowles, said she sees adventure weddings as a big hit this upcoming season. “Adventure Weddings do not necessarily mean traveling out of the country but finding your city's adventurous location to have an elopement or host a micro-wedding,” Bowles said. Whether this means setting a destination location or finding a unique local spot, an adventure wedding is sure to captivate guests and build a memorable experience.

Getting Back to our Roots: Connecting with Nature 

This season is going to be marked by an emphasis on nature with extravagant floral arrangements and creative earthy elements that are sure to give your wedding an authentic touch. With inventive decor and over-the-top flower combinations, finding ways to bring nature into your wedding are a surefire way to build a showstopping experience. For CEO and Event Visionary of Bella Vita Events, Deborah James, this season is all about greenery. “I think there is something to be said that we are all “healing” right now and will continue… and nothing better than nature to offer her medicine. I see all my couples using ferns, succulents, eucalyptus, and even cactus… it’s natural décor that can stay rustic, or have sophisticated touches added to it with floral and bling!”

Whether you are going for a modern or classic feel, the Owner of Leta Verbena, Emma Seitz, weighs in on her favorite floral arrangements to set your wedding apart this spring. “Pampas grass is here to stay! But it's not just for boho weddings anymore. We are seeing it used in more formal environments, especially when paired with luxurious orchids and reflexed roses. It's also showing up in all elements of the wedding day: on signage, all types of bouquets, boutonnieres, and wedding cakes! Take the time to talk to your florist about the different types and styles of pampas grass--dried, fresh, fluffy, skinny--to determine what works best for your wedding vision.” For Floral Designer and Co-Owner of Flawless Weddings and Events, Falynn Love-Thompson, incorporating dried floral elements into your wedding is all the rage this spring and sure to add an artistic touch to any event.