Custom Details Decorate Colorful, Chic Wedding Day at Ponte Winery

With disco details and gorgeous décor, Frank and Connor went all out to bring their wedding vision to life.
Written by
Emily Sweet

Frank Burgess and Connor McDonald embraced elevated individual style for their vibrant wedding day at Ponte Winery which featured a delicate combination of colors and chic homages to disco. Both our grooms went all-out with fashionable looks, and a variety of regal jewel-toned pieces from Friar Tux brought their own sophisticated flair. An aisle framed with wicker baskets holding gorgeous florals led to a dramatic stone arch where Frank and Connor exchanged vows underneath a luscious floral display crafted by Soiree Floral Design. Charlie, the grooms' dog, was prominently woven into the wedding day details, even having his own moment to walk down the aisle adorned in a floral collar and leash. The dog-friendly nature of the event extended to reception décor, which featured a stylish setup featuring water and food for Charlie to enjoy in the lounge area with his dads. Clear acrylic signage reading "All Dogs Welcome" was another heartwarming touch positioned a few feet away from a framed photo of Charlie. Lawn games including a life-size version of Jenga offered guests a chance to unwind and embrace the playful ambience of the event. Inside of Ponte Winery, the reception embraced timeless elements as round tables with white linens framed a dance floor featuring hanging disco balls. A sweetheart table for Connor and Frank was decorated with wicker baskets, sumptuous florals and candles. A truly unique custom detail was a three-tiered mint green cake designed by Laura Marie Cakes which incorporated live flora and another sweet homage to Charlie with a ceramic dog figurine taking a little bite out of the first tier. For the reception, our grooms upped the glam factor and embraced individuality with a gorgeous velvet tan blazer and dramatic fringe rainbow coat making an appearance. 





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