Timeless Malibu Wedding Day at Stone Mountain Estates

Real Wedding
Arta and Dylan's chic mountainous matrimony in Malibu.
Written by
Lara Allen


California Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2022

On the anniversary of their first date and in the presence of their immediate family and close friends‭, ‬Arta Dervishi and Dylan‭ ‬Towns celebrated their previously postponed wedding at the beautiful Stone Mountain Estates in Malibu‭. ‬An array of simple white‭ ‬and pink floral designs allowed the venue’s elegance to shine‭, ‬truly capturing the intimacy of the 25-guest ceremony‭. ‬The guests were seated around long tables‭, ‬accentuating the singular sweetheart table where the happy couple sat‭. ‬After the ceremony‭, ‬the couple performed their first dance to‭ ‬“Say You Won’t Let Go”‭ ‬by James Arthur‭, ‬and Albanian music played periodically throughout the night to honor Arta’s heritage‭. ‬Late in the evening‭, ‬guests snacked on hot dogs as a nod to how Arta and Dylan met at a hot dog stand‭. ‬With all of these special elements in play around them‭, ‬the satisfied couple announced‭, ‬“When we began to imagine what our dream wedding would be like‭, ‬we wanted a day full of celebration‭, ‬happiness‭, ‬love and memories‭ ‬we would cherish forever‭.‬”‭ ‬

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Santa Monica / Malibu