This Beautiful Couple's Commitment to Love Forever

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Love isn't just for Valentine's Day! Susan and Arthur paid homage to their heritages and to love on their wedding day.
Written by
Sara Hubbard


Spring/Summer 2021

Date: February 15, 2020

Susan and Arthur took the meaning of Valentine’s Day to heart, committing to love one another forever on the day after the holiday at the Fairmont Miramar. A deep and vibrant palette of rich plum, ruby and violet enhanced the romantic atmosphere. As guests took their seats, they were greeted by a string quartet and invited to indulge in champagne cocktails, to be sipped throughout the ceremony. Towering gold urns bearing dramatic bouquets of deep pink, bright purple and magenta flowers flanked the striking fig tree that served as the backdrop to the couple’s exchange of vows. The bridal party’s bouquets and boutonnieres echoed the other jewel tones. In stunning contrast, Susan carried a crisp white arrangement that paired perfectly with the flora on Arthur’s lapel. Their florist, Eddie Zaratsian, used flower petals in the same hues to carpet the aisle, down which Susan walked in a stunning custom cap-sleeve Lazaro dress. The bridal gown designer, Lazaro Perez, who is also a friend of the bride, helped her get ready, ensuring she looked perfect. After the ceremony, guests sat down to dine on a multicourse meal before heading to the dance floor. Gracing their tables and the rest of the ballroom were sumptuous floral arrangements that matched those from the ceremony. The couple’s cake was a sleek white, four-layer masterpiece with hand-painted red peonies serving as pops of color. Nods to the couple’s heritages could be seen throughout the reception. Armenian and Puerto Rican music paid homage to Arthur’s family, while Susan ended the night wearing a Chinese qipao, which also served as her “something borrowed,” from her sister.

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Santa Monica


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