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Coastal Charm Abounds in This Bel-Air Bay Club Wedding

The stunning Bel-Air Bay Club provided the perfect backdrop for Angelica and Richard's special day.
Kristin Snyder

Date: February 20, 2020

When it came time for wedding photographer Angelica Valiton to tie the knot with her beloved Richard Zupancic, she already had a step up on the wedding planning, having witnessed her share of weddings. Since the couple had spent the past three years watching beach sunsets, it was only fitting for them to wed at the stunning Bel-Air Bay Club, with the ocean sparkling in the background. Angelica envisioned a romantic garden aesthetic to complement the Bay Club’s newly renovated space. A blend of warm tones and light-colored woods accomplished this vision perfectly. Her lace gown paired beautifully with the pink bridesmaids’ dresses and the peach florals decorating the altar, centerpieces and cake, while palm trees brought the coastal charm. Their wedding date was particularly sentimental as it was the birthday of Angelica’s grandma and the day before the birthday of Kevin’s grandma. Because of those special days, the couple wanted to focus the celebration on their loved ones. Inspired by one of her clients’ weddings, Angelica hung wind chimes at their ceremony to remember those who could not attend. “Every time the wind blew and they chimed... I immediately felt their presence,” says Angelica. Their wedding party included others among their nearest and dearest. Angelica’s brother served as the officiant, and Angelica’s best friend, Jenny Quicksall, pulled double duty as maid of honor and wedding photographer. In a gesture of unity, the couple set up a table dedicated to each family’s wedding photos. “At the end of the day, all we truly cared about was that our loved ones were with us, celebrating our love and our family,” notes Angelica. While the guests prepped for the couple’s grand exit, the bride and groom shared a private last dance to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight,” allowing the two of them to drink in the last moments of their big day together.

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