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An Elegant Golden Wedding at the Sherwood Country Club

Laura and Mark highlighted golden grandeur at their reception
Kristin Snyder
Photo by Boone Studios

Laura grew up dancing at the Sherwood Country Club, so it only made sense for her wedding with Mark to take place there. During a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Laura wore a stylish beaded gown with a sheer bodice. She paired the off-the-shoulder gown with a classic bouquet of cream and blush florals draped with a rosary. The couple moved the party to the Sherwood Country Club, where they transformed the reception room into a brilliant celebration space featuring blush shades and gold accents. Mark had chosen the song “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young during his proposal, and the couple used the song again for an intimate first dance with professional choreography. The tables featured elegant centerpieces made up candles and cream floral arrangements, and glittering gold tablecloths gave the night an extravagant feel. The cake, made up of four layers, was shimmering gold and covered in flowers to match Laura’s bouquet – a true reception showstopper. Ending the night in a golden glow, Laura and Mark shared a lavish start to their marriage.

Photo by Boone Studios

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