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Highlighting Family and Friendship at a Polished Desert Wedding

A fateful trip to the optometrist’s office led Britt and Stephanie to the altar at the inimitable Parker Palm Springs.
Sara Hubbard
Daniel Park, Pixeo Pro

Wedding date: September 28, 2019 

Most people leave their optometrist’s office with a prescription for new glasses. Britt Wolf left his having found his future wife, Stephanie Woo. Fast forward three years from Britt's first appointment to Valentine’s Day, and Britt was on one knee proposing to Stephanie in the very place where they first met, her office. Stephanie tapped her friend Deanna to be the couple’s wedding planner, and her hard work came to fruition a year and half later at the midcentury modern dreamscape that is The Parker Palm Springs.

The couple made the most of their celebration, turning their wedding day into a weekend-long whirlwind of festivities. Stephanie’s Allure Bridal dress pulled inspiration from The Parker, echoing the hotel’s understated elegance with its sleek and elegant silhouette. The bride worked with Joey from Artisan Events to create her bouquet of white orchids, a poignant nod to her grandmother’s native Hawaii. The bouquet perfectly complemented the white petals that blanketed the aisle, as well as the urns overflowing with creamy flora that flanked the couple as they said, “I do.” Dr. Ed Bennett, Stephanie’s residency director, officiated the ceremony and made a point to sprinkle it with personal details he collected from friends and family.

Guests were transported back to Palm Springs’ heyday come the reception, with Rat Pack music permeating the mod space. Stephanie switched into a Tadashi Shoji gown for the celebration, with a flapper-esque headpiece to top off her second ensemble. As the night came to a close, the couple left guests with sentimental parting gifts: individualized, handwritten notes reminding guests of why they are uniquely important to Stephanie and Britt.  

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