Magical Midsummer's Eve Wedding set in a Secret Garden

Photo by Rachelle Derouin
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Sofie and Justin held their magical wedding at Redbird's secluded outdoor garden in downtown Los Angles.
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Hailey Ashton

After COVID cancelled Sofie and Justin's plans of getting married in San Francisco in June 2020, the couple had to recenter their wedding to Los Angeles and find a venue that would bring their vision of an enchanting midsummer's eve to life. With a short timeline and new COVID restrictions in place, Sofie recalled Redbird's secluded outdoor garden, as the couple had spent their engagement celebration in the restaurant's lounge, and thought it would be the perfect venue for their special day. Once Sofie and Justin secured the location, they got to work with Carly from Carly Rae Weddings to recreate the whimsical wedding from their dreams. Luckily, the dress, crown, tux, and vendors (who were more than willing to make the trip down to LA for the new date), had been previously picked out in the original wedding plans, so the team was able to focus on designing a magical setting. Redbird's twinkle lights, distinct architecture and lush greenery offered a perfect canvas for their secret garden, so they embellished the area using neutral flowers and pampas grass at the altar, along with green garlands and dried flowers at the tables. The decorations transformed the space from a charming courtyard to an otherwordly magical garden dream. 

Since the guests had to be seated throughout the whole evening, Sofie and Justin came up with creative ways to maintain a safe yet joyous celebration. They had table games, a slidehow, a delicious 4 course meal, cocktail tastings in mini bottles with custom designs, and were able to livestream the event for those unable to attend. Sofie and Justin's wedding was an evening full of whimsy, magic, and joy. 

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