Personal Touches and Dramatic Design Are Brought to Life in This Dreamy Wedding

Real Wedding
Peyton and Brennan's special day brought a Game of Thrones-inspired celebration to life.
Written by
Kristin Snyder


Spring/Summer 2021

Date: November 16, 2019

Tying the knot at the Italianate Villa Loriana, Peyton and Brennan brought their Game of Thrones–inspired celebration to life. The dreamy castle perfectly suited the romantic, moody tone they aspired to create. Following an ethereal ceremony, guests made their way to the indoor reception, which featured long farm-style tables adorned with black velvet linens, black geodes serving as table numbers and centerpieces featuring gold compotes filled with deep red flowers. Turmeric yellow and black candles lined the tables to match the gorgeous brass candelabra at the king and queen’s table, where the couple sat. A love letter scroll cascading over the top of the table perfectly embodied the ancient atmosphere. The drama extended to their black cake, which featured gold details and fondant sculpted into flowers. Personal touches were not lost in the medieval wonderland. Peyton and Brennan began their morning by exchanging letters, as well as a journal Peyton began writing for her future husband when she was 16. Having spent part of their relationship far away from one another, Peyton and Brennan framed airline tickets to hark back to their numerous flights. In a nod to the couple’s Texas A&M alma mater, party favors were cookies in the shape of both Texas and California.

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San Luis Obispo