Traditions take on a Modern Twist at this Tropically-Inspired Soirée

Milton and Victor celebrating their love and heritage in a modern paebaek ceremony.
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Milton and Victor reimagined a cultural ceremony in a truly inspiring way.
Written by
Mackenzie Sylvester


Spring/Summer 2020

Wedding Date: May 18, 2019

Through a mutual appreciation of spreadsheets, boutique hotels and heirloom tomatoes, and with a little luck from a dating app, Milton Massery and Victor Kang became inseparable. As the pair strolled along the quiet streets of Colmar, France, Victor asked Milton to marry him. Inspired by their love of travel and all things tropical, the couple chose to base their wedding design on bold colors, tropical yet modern vibes and masculine jewel tones. The paebaek ceremony celebrated Victor’s Korean heritage and was a truly one-of-a-kind experience. “When we started our wedding planning, we quickly realized that there weren’t any gay paebaek inspirations on the internet,” says Milton. This only excited them further, as they got to plan and document a ceremony to inspire couples for years to come. LGBTQ+ Korean wedding planner Jason Rhee understood not only the cultures of the ceremony, but the importance of finding a company like LeeHwa Wedding, who would be willing and excited to be a part of a Gay Korean Paebaek. It was essential to Jason and LeeHwa that they honor the traditional ceremony for family while also promoting same sex Korean paebaek. Their paebaek was filled with blessings and lifelong advice on happiness and marriage. Milton and Victor cherish the memories made with their closest family members and friends as they all celebrated their love in their hometown of Santa Monica. From the emotional toasts by loved ones to the blessing of 14 children in a paebaek game, their wedding day enveloped the couple and guests in love and joy.


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