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Victoria & Josh: 11 Years Together Turns Into Forever at Saddlerock Ranch

Lainey Dow

"When 11 years together turns into forever on a sweet couple's wedding day, you're in for some heart-felt vows and an epic celebration among family and friends," says Robert Michael Films of Victoria and Josh's wedding day at Saddle Rock Ranch. "Everything about Victoria and Josh's day was perfect."

And perfect indeed it was- from the florals, to the decor, to the venue to the cake, this wedding has us dreaming of all things lovely. The rustic yet chic vibe of the Malibu Hilltop Estate at Saddlerock Ranch embodied everything the couple wanted in their big day. A rich palette of purples, pinks and ivories blended with beautiful greenery tied the whole day together.

Family flew in from all over the world from France, England and Bermuda to celebrate the couple's big day. The relaxed and chic atmosphere was the perfect blend of Josh's childhood in upstate New York with Victoria's European roots. Having been together for 11 years, the couple wanted to share the major milestones of their relationship, showcasing childhood photos, their two sweet puppies, a hand-drawn guestbook and handmade succulent party favors throughout the day. The absolutely stunning wedding cake was prepared by Victoria's cousin specially for the wedding.

Guests were treated to Mexican food from Border Grill Truck & Catering before hitting the dance floor. The couple performed a choreographed dance to Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" showcasing some of their favorite moves. Victoria and her father surprised guests with a routine of their own and a choreographed dance with Victoria's mother soon followed.

"To us, our wedding day was the perfect mix of all the things we love, the people we care about the most, and to no surprise, it was the best night of our lives," say the bride and groom.

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